Diesel car within 5-7 Lacs in India


Everyone has a question on diesel cars. After all with ever rising petrol prices, diesel cars seems to have found huge favours with Indian car buyers


I want to buy a diesel hatchback that fits my budget of Rs 6-7 lakh. My priorities are a responsive engine and well built interiors. What car would you recommend?

Diesel car within 5-7 Lacs in India

With your defined price range and taking ex-showroom Delhi you have a choice of 40 odd cars. These includes sedans (3-Box cars) and hatchbacks. Car models that you can chose from are: Tata Motors Vista, Indigo CS, Manza Club Class, Fiat Punto, Chevrolet Beat, Hyundai i20, Ford Figo, Toyota Etios and Liva, Nissan Micra, Renault Pulse, Maruti Suzuki Ritz, Swift, Dzire, Skoda Fabia, Volkswagen Polo, Mahindra Quanto, literally the entire range of cars from most manufacturers.

The Micra diesel is powered by Renault’s 1.5 K9K engine and is extremely responsive with lots of low-end torque. The interiors are well made but the light-weight body doesn’t give it a solid feel. That said, the Micra is quite well built and should take the rigours of Indian roads capably. You could also look at the Renault Pulse, which is essentially the same car as the Micra but with smarter looks.


Budget 6 Lakhs, November 4 2016.

VISITOR                                                          hi


AGENT                                                            Morning


VISITOR                                                          good morning


AGENT                                                            how can we assist you today


VISITOR                                                          i am looking for budget car, please suggest me any two


AGENT                                                            what do you mean by budget car?


VISITOR                                                          less than 6 lakh


AGENT                                                            ok, do have any models in mind as with that kind of brief, one would get a long list of cars, so if you could help with some shortlist


VISITOR                                                          yes


VISITOR                                                          i10,Alto,sail, spark, Swift, polo,


AGENT                                                            apologies for asking this, but my suggestion could be different basis who I am talking to i.e a lady vs a man


VISITOR                                                          lady


AGENT                                                            as you getting Swift, Polo and Sail in your budget, I will avoid the other cars. These are bigger cars with better engines


VISITOR                                                          what is the average lifespan of small cars in km


VISITOR                                                          sir


AGENT                                                            From a lady's perspective, high seating and road visibility will be an important factor which among the cars under consideration is met the most by Swift


AGENT                                                            Cars can last long if handled well; I have a City which is nearly 7 + years old


AGENT                                                            Life of car also depends on how to maintain them


VISITOR                                                          please tell in kilometres


VISITOR                                                          i mean


VISITOR                                                          1lak ,2lak?


VISITOR                                                          with regular maintainenance


VISITOR                                                          that to small cars


AGENT                                                            at 1000 - 1500 Kms/month for 7 years it will be no less than 84000 Kms to upwards of 1 lc kms, plus one can extend life of  car  post that also with some major servicing, but most car owners would change in 7-8 years, else the maintenance becomes too much


VISITOR                                                          ok


VISITOR                                                          please tell me which is good among the list i provided


VISITOR                                                          i10, spark, polo, Swift


VISITOR                                                          Toyota Etios liva


AGENT                                                            I think you missed it within your list I will go with Swift, reasons given above


VISITOR                                                          ok sit how is Toyota Etios liva


AGENT                                                            It’s a good car and Toyota cars are known for lasting really long, but then it’s too barren inside


VISITOR                                                          ok sir thanks


AGENT                                                            Pleasure and have a good day

Budget 6-9 Lakhs, August 28 2016.

VISITOR                                                            Hi    


AGENT                                                              good Afternoon       


VISITOR                                                            I want to buy a new car         


VISITOR                                                            my budget is 6-9 lacs              


VISITOR                                                            Please suggest          


VISITOR                                                            my daily running will be 40-50 kms 


VISITOR                                                            want car with good resale, latest features   


AGENT                                                              basis your requirements you could be a borderline petrol or diesel buyer   


AGENT                                                              for resale it has to be Maruti, Hyundai, Honda and Toyota   


AGENT                                                              in terms of features Baleno, I 20 good options           


AGENT                                                              with petrol you will get top end variant, feature loaded       


VISITOR                                                            How about Vitara Brezza      


AGENT                                                              it's like Ertiga for me              


AGENT                                                              if Brezza then for Dual exterior only               


VISITOR                                                            k      


VISITOR                                                            But that’s beyond my budget             


AGENT                                                              avoid then as the car in single tone is too missable 


VISITOR                                                            ok   


VISITOR                                                            one more option please as Baleno has huge waiting period


AGENT                                                              i20  


AGENT                                                              pretty good option 


VISITOR                                                            K     


VISITOR                                                            Thanks