Diesel Car with Automatic Transmission in 9-12 Lacs


Does Indian car market really offer you choices, most cars buyers in India would believe so, However, teh reality could be quite to the contrary. Check the query below or try it on your own, define a tight brief for your new car and you will see choices diminishing.


Hi, i want to know which are the diesel automatic cars available in 9 - 12 lakh budget, and which one is the best?

Diesel Car with Automatic Transmission in 9-12 Lacs

Hi Mathew

You are very lucky. You have no choice. Means zero confusion. Only one car, so easy to decide.

But on a serious note - whilst everyone keeps on lamenting about deluge of cars in Indian car market, the reality is quite different. Once you start getting micro and cutting the pie, choices dwindle, as a matter of fact at times one is left with literally no choice, as is the case with your query for a  'Diesel car in 9-12 lacs with Automatic transmission'.

Whilst there are many cars in this price range that offers Automatic Transmission, however, none of them except Hyundai comes with a Diesel power plant. Be it Maruti Suzuki, Ford, Skoda, VW, Mitshubishi, Nissan, Renault or Honda (which unfortunately has no diesel power plant in their portfolio), none of these manufacturers offer a diesel with Auto transmission.

However, Verna Fluidic is not a bad choice at all. Its a stylish looking car, much in demand, boasts of decent mileage even with Auto transmission. The only area of concern could be that 4 H matic transmission is hydraulic Vs electronic that some of the car manufacturer offer with their power plant.


Budget 12 Lakhs, September 26 2016.

VISITOR                                                          Sir want buy new car


VISITOR                                                          And i am confused    


AGENT                                                            what is the confusion              


VISITOR                                                          Which car i should buy??       


VISITOR                                                          Budget is 12 lakhs      


AGENT                                                            you will have to give me some models           


VISITOR                                                          And want diesel engine         


VISITOR                                                          Honda city    


VISITOR                                                          Hyundai Verna            


VISITOR                                                          And Creta      


VISITOR                                                          Maruti Baleno             


VISITOR                                                          Vitara Brezza               


AGENT                                                            City and Verna will be near top-end variant whilst Creta will be lowest variant - therefore on features i will not go for it                    


AGENT                                                            Vitara Breza si nothing but a bigger Ertiga - I will not buy        


AGENT                                                            Baleno -  A hatchback among sedans and yes a good buy, in your budget you will get top-end variant, loaded with features             


AGENT                                                            If Sedan - City Followed by Verna      


AGENT                                                            Baleno - No choices here       


AGENT                                                            as is its only hatchback in your consideration               


VISITOR                                                          So which one is better to buy              


VISITOR                                                          U suggest me               


VISITOR                                                          What about Verna??


VISITOR                                                          Are you there sir??   


VISITOR                                                          If i gonna with sedan so which car is better? 


AGENT                                                            I think I have already given you my answer   


VISITOR                                                          But still I’m confused               


AGENT                                                            so what is it  


VISITOR                                                          Verna is okay to buy??            


AGENT                                                            yes its a decent car, but between the City and Verna my preference would be city for its great drive and good resale value. Looks equally good too           


VISITOR                                                          Okay.... Thank you sir              


VISITOR                                                          Sir what abt Creta... What u think..    


AGENT                                                            I think its a great car, but kind of expensive and in your case at 12 lacs you may not get as many features                                                        


VISITOR                                                          Okay sir.. Thank you 


AGENT                                                            Pleasure         

Budget 12 Lakhs, September 26 2016.

VISITOR                                                            hi    


AGENT                                                              hello how can we help          


VISITOR                                                            hello             


AGENT                                                              what's your query friend      


VISITOR                                                            i want premium sedan 12 lakh diesel car      


VISITOR                                                            silent cabin ,luxury feel , most reliable engine at any condition        


AGENT                                                              Volkswagen Vento and new Verna...Altis is better however will be out of range     


AGENT                                                              both have good engines fairly long lasting and offer good drive       


VISITOR                                                            what about city Verna Rapid in diesel engine is there is any problem in that car       


AGENT                                                              Verna we have recommended however city fails on noise inside cabin and relatively less fun to drive                                                           


AGENT                                                              Rapid is same platform as Vento however suffers on after sales and resale


VISITOR                                                            so i prefer Verna      


VISITOR                                                            Verna is reliable can i drive 2000 km in a single stretch is there is any problem in engine     


VISITOR                                                            without any break   


AGENT                                                              no problem with that friend               


AGENT                                                              as long as you are driving neat          


AGENT                                                              and stretch is not full of traffic else we recommend break  


AGENT                                                              it all depends on driving style and traffic condition road condition...these are long haul engines                                                           


VISITOR                                                            i drive mostly on highway and at least one in a month i drive for long route               


AGENT                                                              should not be a problem for a well maintained Verna and well equipped driver which am sure you are                                                            


VISITOR                                                            can i go for Rapid     


AGENT                                                              yes however since you drive on highway service support will be relatively lesser and in case of break down it will get a little tight relatively           


AGENT                                                              from that perspective we normally advise people to stick to Maruti or Hyundai...mahindra in case of suv                                                     


AGENT                                                              while Rapid is a fairly dependable car and good engine        


AGENT                                                              only problem we have got feedback on is higher servicing and maintenance and some people have reported noise from mirrors beading               


VISITOR                                                            is Rapid diesel is noise cabin high nvh level


AGENT                                                              no   


VISITOR                                                            as compared to Verna           


AGENT                                                              no professional testing parameter but it should be similar  


VISITOR                                                            ok so which i prefer 1 option 2 option            


AGENT                                                              Verna followed by Ciaz shvs and then Vento              


AGENT                                                              this would be our advice. Rest feel free to cross check with others in case you are still confused ?                                                  


VISITOR                                                            thanks a lot… Will go with Verna

Budget 9-10 Lakhs, August 27 2016.

AGENT                                                                Good Evening          


VISITOR                                                              for automatic car which make good              


VISITOR                                                              price up to 9 lakh   


AGENT                                                                go for VW auto, Ford or Honda auto transmission  


VISITOR                                                              Honda which model             


AGENT                                                                In your budget you will get the Jazz probably, check city also           


AGENT                                                                you can check on our site for your city         


VISITOR                                                              there is two model which is good  


VISITOR                                                              s or v           


VISITOR                                                              in city mileage good             


AGENT                                                                s or v are variants  


AGENT                                                                v is top end and I will go with it if budget allows    


VISITOR                                                              if i go to vw is it good           


AGENT                                                                good automatics    


VISITOR                                                              i confused please advise which make i go?               


AGENT                                                                my preference would be a Honda followed by VW,              


VISITOR                                                              vw which model    


AGENT                                                                I think Polo GT TSI WILL be within budget  


AGENT                                                                I making these suggestions basis your requirement for auto transmission 


VISITOR                                                              i go for jazz it good buy       


AGENT                                                                yes it's a good buy, you can look at CITY cvt  if budget allows, I would be more happier with ut                                                                             


AGENT                                                                please do note that automatic will get you around 10-11 mileage in city     


VISITOR                                                              ok