Best Diesel Car Between Rs.4.5 lacs to Rs.6 Lacs in India

Diesel cars are the new favourite of Indian can buyer. The skew in favour of diesel car got driven by even increasing petrol prices in India with no change in diesel prices. 

I am looking for a diesel car with best mileage, style, performance and good service. Please suggest the best diesel within 4.5 to 6 lacs.  If car is not in my price range how much increase of budget is required?

Best Diesel Car Between Rs.4.5 lacs to Rs.6 Lacs in India

Good numbers of Tata Motors cars fall in your price range, in addition to then other cars with your budget are; Figo from Ford, Swift and Ritz from Maruti, Beat from Chevrolet.

As you must be aware diesel cars of the same model are generally costlier by Rs.75000 to Rs. 1 lacs as compared to the same models petrol versions. This means that one normally gets a low to mid variant of the same model with diesel power plant as against the top end petrol engine variant. Unfortunately these low to mid variants are normally not so well loaded with features like the top end variant of the same car.

The hatchbacks that fall in your price range are categorised as premium hatchbacks. Most premium hatch buyers in India buy their top end variant which gives them a feature loaded car. Whilst there is no issue in buying a lower variant of the same hatchback car today, but resale could be a problem because buyers of premium hatchback would be looking for top end variants of the same model.

With Tata Motorcars both 3 Box cars from the Indigo range and premium hatchbacks fall in your budgeted price.

Our recommendation is the new Vista for its space, quadrajet diesel tech and great mileage.


Budget 6 Lakhs, January 12 2017.

AGENT                                                        Afternoon         


VISITOR                                                      sir i have to buy a car. i have Tata Nano right now...      


VISITOR                                                      i have to buy a car in 6 lac...      


VISITOR                                                      swift, Celerio, Tiago, Grand i 10 are few i have sorted out          


VISITOR                                                      mileage is  great concern for me and next is service and spare part availability               


AGENT                                                        Petrol I believe              


VISITOR                                                      ya petrol            


AGENT                                                        In that case I woudl personally Ignore Tiago, even though Revtron engine is a decent power plant, yet for some time avoidable           


AGENT                                                        I10 as a car is on its way out - so avoid  


VISITOR                                                      ok         


AGENT                                                        Between Celerio, Swift and Grand i10 - avoind Celerio as its far more compact than other two cars                                                                     


VISITOR                                                      ok         


AGENT                                                        Final two options would be Swift and Grandi10              


AGENT                                                        I will send you the model page for swift, select the variant that suits you, check ARAI mileage                                                                     


AGENT                                                        Then on top of the page change model to Grand i10 and repeat the process     


VISITOR                                                      how about wagon r       


VISITOR                                                      ok         


AGENT                                                        avoid old design, no match to the models underconsideration


VISITOR                                                      ok         


AGENT                                                        By the way even Swift is coming with a new version in few months from now, therefore worthwhile holding for it in case you decide on it


AGENT                                                        http      //www.ecardlr.com/new-cars/maruti-suzuki-swift/


AGENT                                                        Link for you to study the models under consideration 


AGENT                                                        Qualitatively - Grandi10 for design, and rear AC Vents for Hot Indian summers, great feature list too, in terms of service cost I think would be quite comparable to Swift    


VISITOR                                                      ok         


AGENT                                                        Swift new version - for expected improved looks and some changes in features, and a great driver car                                                               


VISITOR                                                      i was a bit in favor of Celerio as it is delivering a good mileage


VISITOR                                                      i travel 70-80 km in a week        


AGENT                                                        http      //www.ecardlr.com/car-compare/Celerio-vs-swift-vs-Grand-i-10.aspx


AGENT                                                        it may not be a bad idea to go through this comparison               


VISITOR                                                      ok         


AGENT                                                        under performance there is a mileage comparison too               


AGENT                                                        Celerio being a 3 cyl car plus a 1 litre engine is a smaller car      


VISITOR                                                      ya im currently seeing the website       


AGENT                                                        Basis dimensions, mileage, ride quality and features my preference would be Swift, Grandi10 and Celerio                                                      


VISITOR                                                      ok          

Budget 5 - 6 Lakhs, September 14 2016.

VISITOR                                                              Hi  


AGENT                                                                Good Morning         


VISITOR                                                              Good morning         


VISITOR                                                              I want to buy a car within 5 to 6 lakh which is best 


VISITOR                                                              Hello           


AGENT                                                                It would be better if you could help with some model names as there could just be too many options that will fall in this price bracket  


AGENT                                                                So narrowing it down will help       


VISITOR                                                              I need abs airbag   


VISITOR                                                              My preference is Tiago xz Swift lxi optional and upcoming model Tata kite               


AGENT                                                                Tata KIte is a platform on which Tata is building their various car lines         


AGENT                                                                Between Tiago and Swift Lxi - I will prefer Swift being from Maruti, easier to maintain and decent resale                                                 


AGENT                                                                Tiago however gives you more features for the same price               


VISITOR                                                              I mean kite 5 Tiago sedan versions


AGENT                                                                That's at a future date         


VISITOR                                                              That's not a problem if it is good i will wait               


AGENT                                                                Basis what one is seeing in Tiago, one can expect a good car from Tata motors, however in sedan version chances are that within your price bracket your price bracket you might not get the features that you want               


AGENT                                                                Looking at all sub 4 meter sedans today their base models are normally priced around 4,75 to 5,25 exshowroom in Delhi                        


AGENT                                                                Which will mean that mid model which hopefully should have ABS might exceed your budget by few thousands                                         


VISITOR                                                              Is there any other sedan in this price with abs         


AGENT                                                                You might have options in Amaze, Dzire, Xcent and maybe even Ford Aspire           


AGENT                                                                let me send you a link which you can use to study at your pace       


VISITOR                                                              I think Dzire amaze note within 6 lakh         


AGENT                                                                That's what I said, you can within these models do a comparison and decide one that suits your requirement the most                     


VISITOR                                                              What about Tiago  


AGENT                                                                in our car advice section there are some chats on Tiago, you can check that out, would get you most of your answers                                 


VISITOR                                                              I need cons of Tiago             


VISITOR                                                              Resale value not problem 

AGENT                                                                http              //www.ecardlr.com/new-cars/Tata-motors-Tiago/


AGENT                                                                This link gives you good and bad points of Tiago     


VISITOR                                                              Why did you prefer me Swift lxi     


AGENT                                                                if you visit our car advice section you will get reason and answers for most of your questions,  and since you have time, please do visit and decide the best car for yourself          


AGENT                                                                my contributions and other team member’s contribution are all there, so you get multiple views                                                                 


VISITOR                                                              Ok


VISITOR                                                              So your opinion Swift is better than Tiago 


AGENT                                                                Yes personally I prefer Swift for its drive, even its looks, spacious feel inside the car, and Maruti backing                                               


AGENT                                                                Anything else          


VISITOR                                                              Nothing     


VISITOR                                                              I didn't get proper answer 


AGENT                                                                sorry to hear that   


AGENT                                                                but that's the best one could do as most of it would be a repetition from what's already present in our car advice section            

Budget up to 6 lakhs, April 20 2016.

VISITOR                                                        I am planning to exchange my existing Ritz Vxi with a new car within Rs. 6L on road price at Kolkata                                                        


AGENT                                                          New or pre-owned     


VISITOR                                                        New  


AGENT                                                          Any models in mind   


VISITOR                                                        Baleno base model, KUV 100, Ford Figo, Honda Amaze..           


AGENT                                                          pretty odd comparison set, KUV 100 definitely a big no in comparison to others mentioned   


AGENT                                                          my choice would be Baleno and then Amaze 


VISITOR                                                        Base model Baleno sigma 1.2 is it ok to invest on?       


AGENT                                                          means what, we are talking basis price point, ideally I would suggest mid model as they are decently loaded with features         


VISITOR                                                        Thanks. Actually I have fixed a budget of Rs. 6L. Will you pl tell me about the waiting time for Baleno.                                                       


AGENT                                                          basis information with us it varies between 4 to 6 mths            


VISITOR                                                        Apart from Baleno, any suggestion between Amaze and Xcent.            


AGENT                                                          any of them would b ok, order would b Baleno, Amaze and Xcent       


VISITOR                                                        Thanks a lot, have a nice evening.       


AGENT                                                          Pleasure, You too         

Budget up to 5 lakhs, April 18 2016.

VISITOR                                                    i am looking for a car      


VISITOR                                                    so need your suggestions            


AGENT                                                      Request you to get specific         


VISITOR                                                    looking car like low maintenance and good mileage       


VISITOR                                                    could you please help me with the make and model to choose 


VISITOR                                                    overall ride for a week around 100 - 150 km        


AGENT                                                      for your kind of weekly drive - petrol it has to be             


AGENT                                                      but I would need some starting point be it budget or some models that you have under consideration                                       


AGENT                                                      Else I am sure we can be here till tom morning without any fun


VISITOR                                                    do you help on used cars?           


AGENT                                                      No, our knowledge on pre-owned is quite limited          


AGENT                                                      quite     


VISITOR                                                    how about Skoda Fabia maintenance     


VISITOR                                                    as well mileage


AGENT                                                      personally a complete avoid      


AGENT                                                      Will kill you on maintenance     


AGENT                                                      most Skoda cars are known for pocket pinchers when it comes to maintenance


VISITOR                                                    then Volkswagen polo ?               


AGENT                                                      Yes better choice, even though painful as far as maintenance is concerned, but better than Fabia                                                                   


AGENT                                                      Only one other input - avoid it if you are taller than 5'9"               


VISITOR                                                    can you tell me two brands which maintenance is very low        


AGENT                                                      Petrol cars from Maruti and Hyundai - obvious answer isn't it so zero value addition from my end                                                                   


VISITOR                                                    what about diesel vehicle           


AGENT                                                      I see that you are looking at cars around 3.5 lacs               


AGENT                                                      They will be at least 20% more expensive to maintain compared to its petrol sibling     


VISITOR                                                    is it better to go with polo?        


AGENT                                                      any day with your kind of weekly travel               


VISITOR                                                    i mean not in only weekend, through the week almost 100 - 150 or 200 kms will drive   


VISITOR                                                    i want good mileage and low maintenance         


VISITOR                                                    Hello     


AGENT                                                      please hold        


VISITOR                                                    okay      


AGENT                                                      then my answers stays as I have already told above        


AGENT                                                      Can you please share your budget?        


VISITOR                                                    500000 L               


AGENT                                                      and pre-owned


AGENT                                                      correct  


AGENT                                                      Look at Swift and Grand i10 if new           


AGENT                                                      If pre-owned look at cars between 2-3 years old, ideally avoid all cars that have done over 10000 kms average/year                              


AGENT                                                      Completely avoid any head-on collision cars      


VISITOR                                                    for pre-owned cars         


VISITOR                                                    which brand should we go          


AGENT                                                      IN 5 lacs you can also get even get a decent sedan           


AGENT                                                      as pre-owned    


AGENT                                                      Look at a sub 4 meter like Amaze, Xcent, Dzire  


VISITOR                                                    for 3L     


AGENT                                                      Then go for a hatchback


AGENT                                                      you can look at a Swift, i20 (If you get one) even polo    


VISITOR                                                    thnx


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  • i am looking for a diesel car which is better

    anudeep reply
  • I am looking for a diesel car with best mileage, style, performance and good service. Please suggest the best diesel within 4.5 to 6 lacs. If car is not in my price range how much increase of budget is required?

    Gyanendra Shukla reply