Creating Short List of Cars Basis Car Budget

New car buyers normally define their budget first. Most new car search starts with a certain price point in car buyers mind. This prevents them from overshooting and stretching themselves unnecessarily.

I wanted to purchase car my budget is only 4 lac please suggest

Creating Short List of Cars Basis Car Budget

If you were to look for cars basis price (Ex - showroom prices) between 3.90 lacs to 4.10 lacs, then you including each models variants around 43 cars to choose from:

Alto 800, Alto K10, EECO,  WagonR, Estilo and A Star from Maruti Suzuki

Eon, Santro and i10 1.1 from Hyundai

Brio from Honda

Beat and Spark from Chevrolet

Figo from Ford

Xeta from Tata Motors

If your budget is all inclusive (on-road) then cars that will go out from the basket mentioned above would  be Figo and Brio completely. Top to mid-end variants of other cars.

It's better you narrow your basket of preference further to not more than 2-3 cars , this will help you to avoid confusion and take a more thought through decision.

You must however, take exhaustive test drive of the last 3 cars that you shortlist. Also define your need from the car.

You must always remember that on an average the difference between ex-showroom and on-road is around 12-14%. On-road price will always be higher than ex-showroom price. Define your budget accordingly. 

Budget 3.5 Lakhs, April 18 2017.

AGENT                                          Good afternoon     


VISITOR                                        I’m doing private job            


VISITOR                                        i need a family car  


VISITOR                                        around my budget 3.5 lakhs              


VISITOR                                        m looking Hyundai Eon        


AGENT                                          why are you looking at EON only, why not the Alto, Kwid, Redigo etc            


VISITOR                                        according market response               


VISITOR                                        and looks   


VISITOR                                        please guide me     


AGENT                                          The reason asked previous question was to understand if you have evaluated other cars within your budget or not   


AGENT                                          I assume yours could be a small family         


VISITOR                                        yah               


VISITOR                                        5 member we have               


AGENT                                          If looks are your key consideration then EON and Kwid could be your choice             


AGENT                                          If you want to stay with a safe bet - then Alto           


AGENT                                          my suggestion would be to try and test drive at least the Kwid and EON and then maybe we can talk again                     


VISITOR                                        okk               


AGENT                                          Personally speaking I too would prefer the EON, but then one needs to take and informed decision                  


VISITOR                                        Thanks

Budget 4 Lakhs, February 9 2017.

VISITOR                                                      Hi could you suggest me the best car 4 lakhs on road price in Chennai   


VISITOR                                                      under 4 lakhs   


VISITOR                                                      My down payment will be 2 lakhs remaining to avail bank loan 


VISITOR                                                      suggest me the best emi option              


AGENT                                                        It would be better if you can decide on 3-4 models        


AGENT                                                        I am sending you a link which will show all models under 3.5 lacs ex-showroom for you


VISITOR                                                      fine      


AGENT                                                        decide on your short list             


VISITOR                                                      okay    


VISITOR                                                      are u sending it here or to my email      


AGENT                                                        http      //www.ecardlr.com/cars-in-india/#Count


AGENT                                                        this links takes you to cars between 1.5 lacs to 3.5 lacs  


VISITOR                                                      fine      


AGENT                                                        best EMI option you will have to discuss with the financier         


AGENT                                                        http      //www.ecardlr.com/car-finance/emi-calculator.aspx


AGENT                                                        on this link you will be able to find out applicable EMI for your loan amount       


AGENT                                                        I think you should be able to get car loan these days for no more than 9%           


VISITOR                                                      what about Hyundai Eon?is it worth to purchase?           


AGENT                                                        yes good looking car     


AGENT                                                        you can also look at Kwid            


VISITOR                                                      is kwid better than eon               


AGENT                                                        more popular than eon for sure              


VISITOR                                                      Thanks for your chat      

Budget 4 Lakhs, January 25 2017.

VISITOR                                  hi        


AGENT                                    Good afternoon           


VISITOR                                  hello.. i am planning to purchase a car, but m totally confused


VISITOR                                  my budget is up to 4 lacs           


AGENT                                    ok no issues, do you have any models in mind


VISITOR                                  maruti wagon-r/maruti Celerio/hyundai eon/Renault Kwid/Datsun redi-go      


VISITOR                                  all are confusing me    


AGENT                                    Going by popularity - Its Kwid (also because its new) followed by WagonR ( Do note market rumours are that WagonR will be withdrawn and will be sold in its Stingray design)          


AGENT                                    Eon and Redigo small cars - not so popular       


AGENT                                    however, if looks are your most important requirement - then eon and Kwid compete              


AGENT                                    Datsun Redigo avoid - not being able to convince Indian car buyer        


VISITOR                                  but i dont have Renault service at my locality, i have to purchase and do service from guwahati which is 350 km from my home town, i am from karimganj asVISITOR, where as i like Kwid          


AGENT                                    So your choices gets limited to Celerio, Eon and WagonR - then the order of preference should be WagonR/Celerio/Eon      


VISITOR                                  but i heard that eon has low ground clerance  


VISITOR                                  means it almost touch the road             


AGENT                                    Eon is smallest in terms of engine size, only thing in its favour is the looks         


AGENT                                    So with EON out of the equation we are left with WagonR and Celerio               


VISITOR                                  yaa Celerio , how is its performance    


VISITOR                                  u told that wagon-r is going to be withdrwan from market.      


AGENT                                    http    //www.ecardlr.com/car-compare/Celerio-vs-WagonR.aspx


AGENT                                    go through this link for comparison      


VISITOR                                  thank u             


AGENT                                    yes its going to be rebranded as Stingray, which is already being sold by Maruti              


VISITOR                                  but stinray is already on market from marutu suzuki    


VISITOR                                  maruti suzuki stingray is available on market   


AGENT                                    Stingray is nothing but a modern slightly more broader version with bigger nose than WagonR                                                 


AGENT                                    it's the new WagonR  


VISITOR                                  ok       


VISITOR                                  stingray is already running on road       


AGENT                                    yes     


VISITOR                                  ok thanks, let me think twice, stingray is expensive for my budget