Suggest and Recommend Best Car or SUV between 13 to 15 lacs

A budget of 13-15 lacs does get one many choices. The difference in most cars is not very large, all cars are matched quite evenly, it therefore becomes difficult to choose. Becasue of many cars to choose from, one should define one's need from a car as exhaustively as possible, this will facilitate your decision.

My budget is 13-15 lacs . I am Lukin for SUV or SEDAN but confused to decide which one to buy.

Suggest and Recommend Best Car or SUV between 13 to 15 lacs



Let's start with short list of all sedans and SUV's that you can buy withing your budget of 13-15 Lacs. Do however, note that our suggestion is based on ex-showrrom Delhi price, which means the landed cost of the car you choose would go up by approximately 13% of ex-showroom price.


Hyundai - Elantra manual and automatic transmission

Honda - Civic manual and automatic transmission

Toyota - Altis Corolla manual and automatic transmission

Chevrolet - Cruze

Skoda - Laura

Renault - Fluence manual and automatic transmission

Volkswagen - Jetta - trendline model


Toyota - Innova

Tata Motors - Aria


Tata Motors - New Safari

Skoda - Yeti

Mahindra & Mahindra - XUV 5OO

We will not discuss, the MPV's as they are not in your consideration set.

Between SUV and Sedans - If your need is more for space than driving pleasure then SUV's should be your choice or vice versa

Specifically coming to the list of sedans first - Our order of priority is as follows

Chevrolet Cruze

Toyota Corolla Altis

At a generic level we would not recommend petrol sedans, as irrespective of fuel prices 5 years down the road, we believe, you might still get a decent resale for cars with diesel power plants vs petrol plants. The only situation that could revese this situation would be when/if diesel prices become higher than petrol prices.

Honda Civic not being considered because its a gas guzzlers, even though what you have in the market is Honda's new car.

Skoda Laura - Cost of maintenance is just too high basis what one has heard from existing owners of  Laura

Volkswagen Jetta is the base version, the car is too feature barren when compared to other cars in our consideration set

Renault Fluence - Still in the new car zone, not heard much about it, except for the fact that one of the automatic customer who spoke to us was getting a mileage of just 4-5 KMPL

Between Cruze and Toyota, honestly it could be a toss-up. Corolla Altis becasue of a great company, good diesel engine and not so costly maintenance. However, we would recommend Chevrolet Cruze, great engine, manageable maintenance cost but above-all loaded with features. The car's features really pampers you.

Unfortunately in case of SUV's you hardly have choice, one would not go with anyone as each of these vehicles have their own set of problems, but lets try to sort them.

Yeti - Too small to be called an SUV, we would rather buy the top-end Duster. The car also does not have great features. Our problem on features starts with manual adjustement of driver seat in a 13 lacs plus car. However, look wise its the best among the lot.

Tata Motors Safari - Old design, just not worth the price. the car has improved in fit finish, feature list, inside plushness and engine driveability, but the body is still old.

XUV 5OO - everyones favourite, big, loaded, and definitely announces one's arrival. Mahindra has corrected lots of flaws, but the car just not give a great feeling when we drove it.

So finally you it's Cruze Vs XUV 5OO and our initial remark stays. As for us we will drive away with the Cruze for the sheer pleasure of driving one.
www.ecardlr.com suggest that one defines one's need from a car exhaustively, take long test drivers and research. Do note that our inputs are suggestions only and not a final decision.



Budget 14 Lakhs, September 27 2016.

VISITOR                                                              hello           


AGENT                                                                hello how can we help        


VISITOR                                                              suv with high ground clearance      


VISITOR                                                              14 lakhs      


VISITOR                                                              no 4*4         


AGENT                                                                how much clearance do you need...any specific terrain you are going to be driving               


VISITOR                                                              at least 190               


AGENT                                                                which city 


AGENT                                                                any other criteria   


VISITOR                                                              Jabalpur     


VISITOR                                                              no 


AGENT                                                                XUV is one followed by Terrano or duster  


AGENT                                                                These should be decent choice for you to evaluate               


VISITOR                                                              Creta and Safari      


AGENT                                                                Creta also  


AGENT                                                                oh we both were thinking same     


AGENT                                                                we would not recommend Safari currently...tata is trying to make come back however we would like to wait till they turn around      


VISITOR                                                              duster and terrane is not my choice              


VISITOR                                                              i don't like both the car       


AGENT                                                                between Creta and XUV decide...do test ride before finalizing       


AGENT                                                                both for your criteria with XUV having edge on space practicality   


VISITOR                                                              i want Creta in my mind how was it it look sexy      


AGENT                                                                see looks is a very individual preference we all have our own liking             


AGENT                                                                Creta has enough fans so does new XUV    


AGENT                                                                both are capable products from dependable brands             


VISITOR                                                              new XUV mean (new age) 


AGENT                                                                new means it recently for updated               


AGENT                                                                facelifted  


AGENT                                                                nothing to do with new age


AGENT                                                                sorry for typo          


VISITOR                                                              launched in              


AGENT                                                                think update happened start of the year    


AGENT                                                                product was launched few years back          


VISITOR                                                              ground clearance of both the car    


AGENT                                                                both upward of 195              


VISITOR                                                              ok what about Innova crista              


VISITOR                                                              it is in this range    


AGENT                                                                might cross your indicated budget


VISITOR                                                              ok Innova is too costly         


VISITOR                                                              in think storm has more than 200 mm ground c       


VISITOR                                                              am right     


AGENT                                                                but Tata has other issues   


VISITOR                                                              what issue


AGENT                                                                refinement old tech servicing issues given their volume really took a beating         


AGENT                                                                they are bouncing back but we would like to wait before we have enough happy customers                                                                             


VISITOR                                                              XUV has reverse park cam or navigation     


VISITOR                                                              ?    


AGENT                                                                in certain variants....not standard  


VISITOR                                                              in my range              


AGENT                                                                no in your range w4 would come and does not have these


AGENT                                                                w6 will go above our defined range friend


AGENT                                                                can be post fitted with independent screen             


VISITOR                                                              can Creta give me all feature like cam. Navigation 


AGENT                                                                seems tight still...pick model and get this post fitted           


VISITOR                                                              ok 


VISITOR                                                              thanks for advice   


AGENT                                                                all the best                

Budget 18 - 20 Lakhs (SUV), September 6 2016.

VISITOR                                                              HI  


VISITOR                                                              Need some suggestion in buying a SUV. Budget is below 20 lacs on road price in Chennai  


VISITOR                                                              This is for family. So 5 people very comfortable seating      


VISITOR                                                              long drives couple of time in a month so need to be comfortable  


VISITOR                                                              No preference between diesel and petrol. but was thinking in case govt plan to ban diesel i (along with many) will be at risk           


AGENT                                                                good Afternoon     


AGENT                                                                diesel vs petrol is a kms done per month decision 


AGENT                                                                so if you are buying in finance then anything above 12 to 1500 kms per month means diesel                                                                             


AGENT                                                                regarding ban I Would not worry so much  


AGENT                                                                Suv options that you have are XUV5oo, creta, duster, Terrano et    


VISITOR                                                              How about Tata Safari Storme. I would like to get a higher end model in whatever i buy to get all their best options.                                 


AGENT                                                                Ok but Tata does come with service issues


AGENT                                                                what about Creta   


VISITOR                                                              Creta looks good but feels smaller from outside. I already own a tata safari older model bought in second hand. It has been in use for past 5 years. Probably it is just my perception           


AGENT                                                                what has been your service exp     


VISITOR                                                              i have been using a local mechanic.. so don’t have anything to comment   


AGENT                                                                thought as much    


VISITOR                                                              but yeah. for new car definitely plan to use the service of the company     


AGENT                                                                those who own or have driven safari extensively like it for its size space   


AGENT                                                                but unfortunately for the price one Would pay for top end store it's not so premium           


AGENT                                                                it's very unfortunate that in 16 to 20 lac price bracket you don't have very good options     


AGENT                                                                I'm having similar problems             


VISITOR                                                              What about XUV 500 top end? Also if i have to increase my budget (to say couple of lacs) for a very good vehicle which one would you suggest   


AGENT                                                                another good Suv option is endeavour but it's really priced very high          


AGENT                                                                plus Fortuner also is overpriced     


VISITOR                                                              yeah true.. How about XUV500. except for luggage space i felt it looks good             


AGENT                                                                just looks hood bulky macho but fit finish and drive quality sub-par             


VISITOR                                                              I have a driver. I won’t be driving as much and i usually get someone for long drives .. So can that be factored in while checking driving quality?


AGENT                                                                my brother in law however swears by XUV               


VISITOR                                                              Thanks btw for suggestion. Gotta go

Budget 14 lakhs, July 21 2016. done

VISITOR                                                              Hi  


VISITOR                                                              I am looking for a car            


VISITOR                                                              Under 14lkhs           


VISITOR                                                              Top requirements are         


                                                                              Features-comfort-driving option    


AGENT                                                                any models in mind              


VISITOR                                                              Ya 


VISITOR                                                              Confused a lot        


AGENT                                                                No issues, jus share them  


VISITOR                                                              Brezza and Ciaz mein confusion hai              


VISITOR                                                              Also can look at Creta and new cruze..         


VISITOR                                                              But main options are Brezza and Ciaz           


AGENT                                                                You were talking to my colleague Praveen, what was the discussion            


VISITOR                                                              about this only       


VISITOR                                                              Between Brezza and Ciaz   


VISITOR                                                              What are your views            


AGENT                                                                Brezza is too pratical and basic        


AGENT                                                                As a matter of fact Ciaz is also not a very upmarket and premium   


AGENT                                                                it gives you more space      


VISITOR                                                              So what do u suggest           


AGENT                                                                If Brezza take the dual tone version only as single exterior paint makes the car look like Ertiga                                                                             


VISITOR                                                              Ya that is for sure   


VISITOR                                                              Whatever I take will go for top end only     


AGENT                                                                If I have to decide between the two, I will go from Ciaz petrol for its space mostly


VISITOR                                                              So not Brezza           


VISITOR                                                              ?    


VISITOR                                                              Not Brezza


VISITOR                                                              Shouldn't I look for Brezza 


AGENT                                                                As you are asking for Brezza so many times, I am wondering whether you are okay with my suggestion                                                       


AGENT                                                                However, let’s look at it diff             


AGENT                                                                what is that will make you buy the Brezza over the Ciaz      


VISITOR                                                              The features            


VISITOR                                                              Brezza has more features to offer such as cruise control automatic rain sensing wipers       


VISITOR                                                              And many more     


VISITOR                                                              It has more height to offer


VISITOR                                                              And a better ground room 


AGENT                                                                Honestly speaking I will not buy the Brezza simply because its too practical a car for me    


VISITOR                                                              It looks more elegant and muscular              


VISITOR                                                              What do you mean too practical a car?        


VISITOR                                                              I didn't get that       


AGENT                                                                The interiors are not so premium  


VISITOR                                                              Ya that's true           


AGENT                                                                In terms of design minus the dual tone exterior it does not excite me and dual tone interiors are so specific that over time I will get easily bored with it              


VISITOR                                                              Ya 


VISITOR                                                              But features are good in Brezza      


AGENT                                                                Plus the diesel has so much lag both for Ciaz and Brezza that its no fun to drive      


VISITOR                                                              Won'tyo u agree to that      


AGENT                                                                In case of Ciaz at least I am getting a car even though not very exciting to look at   


AGENT                                                                yes there is no denying the Brezza offers you many features           


AGENT                                                                So to summarise, I will never have these cars in my consideration


AGENT                                                                as nether am i getting great looks ( other than dual tone), not great tactile feel inside the car, nor fun to drive                                             


AGENT                                                                Why anyone of these cars 


VISITOR                                                              Then which car would u recommend??       


VISITOR                                                              Or rather cars          


AGENT                                                                I will go for Ecosport            


VISITOR                                                              Which cars would be on your list??               


AGENT                                                                Honda City


VISITOR                                                              Eco sport lacks features      


AGENT                                                                No not the top end               


AGENT                                                                fun to drive, great car          


VISITOR                                                              I just bought Honda City VX MT o   


VISITOR                                                              Petrol top end        


VISITOR                                                              Out of the world car             


VISITOR                                                              Just amazing            


AGENT                                                                I so agree with you               


AGENT                                                                it's just the suspension that I don't like       


VISITOR                                                              And I Am looking for another car    


VISITOR                                                              I also brought a Baleno the previous month..Baleno is good isn't it.??what are your views on Baleno top end diesel (alpha)                


AGENT                                                                Look at your car choice all drivers cars , fun to drive and contemporary looks           


AGENT                                                                then why settle for meek cars         


AGENT                                                                By the how do you manage to park so many cars    


AGENT                                                                sure you are not from Delhi              


VISITOR                                                              I have 8 cars             


VISITOR                                                              1 Baleno    


VISITOR                                                              3 City           


VISITOR                                                              1 Dzire        


VISITOR                                                              1 ritz            


VISITOR                                                              A van and an alto   


AGENT                                                                So you know more about cars than me        


AGENT                                                                you should be advising me               


VISITOR                                                              Don't joke man       


VISITOR                                                              yoU are an expert  


VISITOR                                                              I am just an ordinary buyer               


AGENT                                                                Now you are being modest and giving me too much bhav  


VISITOR                                                              Look at your car choice all drivers cars , fun to drive and contemporary looks then why settle for meek cars                                                 


VISITOR                                                              I didn't get this       


AGENT                                                                first sentence all your recent purchase are cars that are fun to drive therefore drivers car 


VISITOR                                                              Oh


VISITOR                                                              Cool             


VISITOR                                                              Baleno is good na??             


AGENT                                                                Contemporary design means styling that won't go out of fashion   


VISITOR                                                              Ya that I know         


VISITOR                                                              Ur views on Baleno?            


AGENT                                                                I love the car,          


VISITOR                                                              Me too bro               


VISITOR                                                              Hifi               


VISITOR                                                              It's better than Brezza isn't it??       


AGENT                                                                any day hands down            


VISITOR                                                              Ya 


VISITOR                                                              Can u imagine         


VISITOR                                                              3 City's        


VISITOR                                                              I love that car man


VISITOR                                                              What about u??      


AGENT                                                                City and Ecosport   


VISITOR                                                              So which car should I go for now    


VISITOR                                                              Suggest a latest one             


VISITOR                                                              I need a minimum of touch screen infotainment    


AGENT                                                                I think you have enough of Maruti, there is a City and finally only car left is Ecosport           


AGENT                                                                You can get one fitted at dealership             


VISITOR                                                              Meaning?  


AGENT                                                                Touch Screen Infotainment              


VISITOR                                                              Oh


VISITOR                                                              Eco sport doesn't have touch screen             


AGENT                                                                NO even the top end does not as mine did not come with one        


VISITOR                                                              Ya 


VISITOR                                                              Does Eco sport top end has sunroof?            


AGENT                                                                May I request you to please visit our model [age for the same,       


VISITOR                                                              What's that??          


AGENT                                                                on our site we have car model page for all the cars, there you can check features, specs and exshowroom price                                       


VISITOR                                                              ya sure, thanks a lot J