diesel car in 10 lac Ciaz vdi vs ecosport trend

Best chice, best value for money, wonder when Indian car buyer will go beyond the basics. Ideally as you move up the price ladder, one needs to start looking at features and specs which bets suits my deifined need from a new car. After, it's not often that car buyers who buy 10 lac + clars are first time buyers. Therefore it would be quite easy to define one's need from a car which in turn will help them make a right choice.


hi sir, My budget is around 10 lacs. i want to buy diesel car my choice is CIAZ VDI OR ECOSPORT TREND , plz suggest me which will be the best choice , best value for money car. plz do reply

diesel car in 10 lac Ciaz vdi vs ecosport trend

Best value for money will always go to Maruti Suzuki given their track record, dominant car sales shares which offer economies of scale and because of maximum cars sold, overall better resale value.

Though ecosport would be more fun to drive, better ground clearance, better road presence given it is mini-SUV

Ciaz is one of the best attempt from Maruti to take own segment leader Honda City and we must say they have done a good job. Amongst sedan in price point, it has maximum wheelbase which means leg space advantage for travellers. Very decent mileage and they also have option of micro-hybrid which further helps in mileage and yes less pollution.

When it comes to a diesel, there is nothing beatin the Ford diesel power plant for its near linear power delivery, minimum diesel lag and comparatiely lower engine noise levels.

Ciaz diesel even though is not bad, but unfortunately, it does have a decent diesel lag, which makes driving that much lesser fun.

So if we were  to decide basis Value for money diesel car, then yes Ciaz Diesel and if you want to buy fun to drive car that indulges you, then Ecosport.

We at eardlr.com always suggest an exhaustive test drive and request you to please take our inputs as suggestion and not a final decision.


Budget 7 to 12 Lakhs, March 3 2017.

VISITOR                                I was looking to buy a car around 7 to 12 lakhs. Can you suggest any one?                           


AGENT                                  It would be better if we could discuss with some specific models else I see this going nowhere                                            


VISITOR                                Specifically i want a bit high seated car as my dad has a back problem                    


AGENT                                  May I please ask as to why your name and mail id diff                   


VISITOR                                Oh...the id has my nickname on it                          


AGENT                                  ok                         


AGENT                                  then we are basically looking at higher ground clearance cars                    


VISITOR                                Yeah                    


AGENT                                  most of them would be compact SUVs and on the upper side of your budget                   


AGENT                                  The one's you could look at is Ecosport, Brezza, Duster, Terrano (Petrol versions for these two cars)                                            


VISITOR                                Are there any new cars coming in the near future?                        


AGENT                                  There is a Nexon from Tata Motors, but if i am not wrong then its probably next year                                                   


AGENT                                  maybe early next year                 


VISITOR                                As these are somewhat old                       


VISITOR                                Is Brezza a good choice?                             


AGENT                                  personally speaking, I don't think so                      


VISITOR                                And what about Creta?                               


AGENT                                  my personal pref would be Ecosport                     


AGENT                                  Won't it go beyond your budget?                           


VISITOR                                But the mid models can fit around it... can’t they?                          


VISITOR                                I am willing to add a lakh or two in my budget                   


AGENT                                  what do you mean by mid models can fit around it                         


VISITOR                                The variants                     


AGENT                                  whilst Creta is a decent buy, but I think its not so much of value for money                        


AGENT                                  you are looking at Petrol If I am not wrong then                              


AGENT                                  Its more of an indulgence                          


VISITOR                                I was looking a car formy dad and he travels a lot... is petrol fine?                            


AGENT                                  anything upwards of 70-80 kms per day financed car makes diesel a more viable option                                                               


AGENT                                  but then Creta diesel leaves a lot to be desired in terms of performance4                           


VISITOR                                It easily touches that km per day                            


VISITOR                                So ... your personal favorite is Ecosport?                             


AGENT                                  yes I drive one and there is enough on our site about it               


VISITOR                                I like that car too but kind of hate its interior      stuck_out_tongue         


VISITOR                                Its plastic everywhere                 


AGENT                                  http      //www.ecardlr.com/car-advice/model/hyundai-Creta-beautiful-body-and-intelligent-mind..aspx   


AGENT                                  Creta chat on our site                   


VISITOR                                Ok thanks ...                     


AGENT                                  http      //www.ecardlr.com/car-advice/model/should-i-buy-ford-Ecosport.aspx             


AGENT                                  Ecosport chat                   


AGENT                                  http      //www.ecardlr.com/car-advice/comparisons/which-suv-is-better-between-Creta-Ecosport-duster-and-Terrano.aspx         


AGENT                                  compact SUV comparison chats                               


AGENT                                  hope you get what you are looking for from these chats, you might find lots of overlap too                                                                

Comparison: Ecosport vs Ciaz vs Verna, July 16 2016.

VISITOR                                                                Any one there?    


AGENT                                                                  hi how can we help?          


VISITOR                                                                Want to know if there are any negatives for Ford Ecosport petrol automatic           


AGENT                                                                  which other options you are comparing this with 


AGENT                                                                  meant you are      


VISITOR                                                                Basically i am looking to buy an automatic and was looking between Ciaz zxi, Verna sx and City sv (all automatic) and now started looking for Ford Ecosport too. Felt City was pricey, Ciaz ws good but felt slightly dragging when car is full (5 people), Verna was ok but looking at Ecosport features i felt it might be a better deal  


AGENT                                                                  hmm... very interesting feedback


AGENT                                                                  well for starters Ford has always been driver’s car and are really fun to drive         


AGENT                                                                  Ecosport while will be unfair to compare with sedans, is great drive and has better auto tech than ask other options...                             


AGENT                                                                  besides Ford is working hard in giving great service experience   


AGENT                                                                  is better drive your criteria or is there any other consideration     


VISITOR                                                                better drive, should be automatic (as don't want to stress myself in Bangalore City traffic), good features (should feel like luxury car), occasional will go for long drives so should be good there too               


VISITOR                                                                Considering that what do you say?              


AGENT                                                                  just a minute friend           


AGENT                                                                  if extra space that you get in sedan and some extra legroom is not a concern Ecosport is great car especially on highway drive               


VISITOR                                                                Ah I see. Planning to do a test drive tomorrow. Will see how bug a trouble it will be. Extra bootspace won't be an issue but is leg room that big a concern. I mean is it that bad           


AGENT                                                                  versus sedan less but it covers up through getting clearance and driving fun and yes comes with good feature                                          


VISITOR                                                                Cool. Thanks for the info. Definitely increased confidence in Ecosport. I heard from a friend that car wobbles (not so stable) over speed 80. Is that so? (I seriously doubt that)


AGENT                                                                  it would not have been selling so much with that problem             


AGENT                                                                  specific car might have problem   


AGENT                                                                  it usually happens with bad tyre alignment and tyre pressure       


AGENT                                                                  hope you have found this interaction useful          


VISITOR                                                                Great. Thanks again for the information. Will let you guys know how my experience was post test drive                                                            )


Comparison: Ciaz vs Ecosport, July 4 2016.

VISITOR                                                              Hi


AGENT                                                                Good Afternoon


VISITOR                                                              good afternoon


VISITOR                                                              I need some expert advice in buying a car


VISITOR                                                              i am confused between Ciaz and Ecosport


AGENT                                                                Two very different cars


VISITOR                                                              yes


VISITOR                                                              my budget is around 11 lacs. So i chose them


AGENT                                                                So why, need to understand your reason for such a choice


VISITOR                                                              i just need a fun to drive car in city and highway and whether it is a sedan or compact suv doesn’t matter


AGENT                                                                I drive a Ecosport diesel and it fits the need for Fun TO drive


AGENT                                                                however, one has to be slightly cautious on high speed


VISITOR                                                              what’s the reason


AGENT                                                                being a tall car


VISITOR                                                              ok


VISITOR                                                              what about mileage of eco


AGENT                                                                15-16 in City, 17-18 highways


AGENT                                                                overall I am happy with 16


VISITOR                                                              i had a test drive of Ecosport last week and felt engine is a bit loud when u rev it hard ..is that correct ?>


AGENT                                                                NO as a matter of fact, the noise levels reduces with speed, standing still, it does have some diesel noise but its much lower than Maruti Diesel cars


AGENT                                                                in terms of noise level in diesel cars I will rate Ecosport possible as the quietest


VISITOR                                                              oh


VISITOR                                                              ok


VISITOR                                                              which is easy to drive >


VISITOR                                                              ?


AGENT                                                                Both Ciaz and Ecosport has Electric power steering, therefore would be good, however, when I drove Ciaz i found Ecosport more easy and less tiring to drive


VISITOR                                                              Im planning for a 5-7 years long term use...so which is value for money and which keeps smile on my face whenever i drive it...


AGENT                                                                Its too long term, personally I am biased to Ecosport so I will say yes for it, however, Cia being from Maruti does come with its advantages


AGENT                                                                Being a low slung car as compared to Ecosport, you could possible take bends with greater confidence and speed


VISITOR                                                              ok


AGENT                                                                Ciaz also provides great space


AGENT                                                                its a bigger can than Ecosport


VISITOR                                                              yes but does it create a problem when commuting in the city


VISITOR                                                              because most of my drive will be in city


AGENT                                                                Ciaz or Ecosport


VISITOR                                                              Ciaz


AGENT                                                                hardly any


AGENT                                                                But you must decide on your new car basis your need from it


AGENT                                                                For example you said Fun to drive


AGENT                                                                then Ecosport any day


AGENT                                                                if space, maintenance etc. are important then Ciaz


VISITOR                                                              ok


VISITOR                                                              final one


VISITOR                                                              does Ecosport has resale?


AGENT                                                                Last two years its been in demand


VISITOR                                                              ok


VISITOR                                                              but personally for the price i feel Ecosport a great value for money. But during my test drive experience i did not find the so called fun element in driving...and all the reviews say it is fun to drive which kept me in confusion


AGENT                                                                Forget reviews - you are talking to the owner of the car


AGENT                                                                I have a city too, I used to find it so much fun to drive


AGENT                                                                but since last two years , its my drivers who drives the city mostly


AGENT                                                                may I request you take another test driver for Ecosport from another dealer


AGENT                                                                which city are you from


VISITOR                                                              im from Vijayawada


VISITOR                                                              AP


AGENT                                                                ok not much I can do there, try another car


VISITOR                                                              where are you from ?


AGENT                                                                take it for a longer TD


AGENT                                                                Delhi


VISITOR                                                              ok


VISITOR                                                              can you tell me a word on Polo gt tsi ?


AGENT                                                                Do you love cars?


VISITOR                                                              yes


AGENT                                                                Polo GT is a drivers car, but VW comes its own bag of problems


AGENT                                                                repair cost spares etc


VISITOR                                                              ok


AGENT                                                                I also believe that for a hot hatch it’s kind of expensive


VISITOR                                                              based on your advice..i am towards Ecosport now...but one of my friend suggested this tsi


VISITOR                                                              looking at its cost im shocked...10.75 on road compared to titanium Ecosport 11 lacs


AGENT                                                                That's what I said - If you want to indulge, Polo GT


AGENT                                                                However, forget everything else - like resale etc


VISITOR                                                              ohkk


VISITOR                                                              then i will go with ford


AGENT                                                                May I ask you a question


VISITOR                                                              ya


AGENT                                                                you were writing something pls continue my question can wait


VISITOR                                                              ok


VISITOR                                                              i decided to go with Ecosport as i personally feel it is value for money


VISITOR                                                              recently it had a price cut of almost 1.2 lacs


AGENT                                                                correct


VISITOR                                                              and power increased ny 10 ps


VISITOR                                                              did u drove the 2016 Ecosport with updated ps ?


AGENT                                                                yes I have it even more fun than my car, as a matter of fact biggest advantage of Ford diesel is it near zero turbo lag, power delivery is almost linear


AGENT                                                                mine is not 100 ps


VISITOR                                                              ok..then i will have one more test drive and book it


AGENT                                                                pls do that


VISITOR                                                              white color is my preference


AGENT                                                                go with it dark colours need more maintenance


VISITOR                                                              ok i will check


VISITOR                                                              thanks for your advice


AGENT                                                                now my question


VISITOR                                                              yes


AGENT                                                                when you googled, what was the query that you typed


VISITOR                                                              Ciaz vs Ecosport


AGENT                                                                thanks a lot, have fun


VISITOR                                                              thank you