Best New Car in the Budget of 5-7 Lacs in India

Car buyers normally start with a pre-defined budget. First time car buyers usually do so the most as they are not aware of the options available in the Indian car market. With pre-defined budget it becomes easier to create a shortlist of cars that might interest new car buyers. Shortlist also helps in reducing confusion and take a more informed decision.

I am planning to buy a new car. My budget is between 5-7 lacs. Can you please suggest me a good car, this is my first car.

Best New Car in the Budget of 5-7 Lacs in India

Ideally once should define his needs from his new car. Technologically speaking most cars are a good buy at any price point. However taking your query at face value, here are some options:

Tiago- Great Vlaue for Money and Comfort of Space. Maintenance still under cloud, however more of a perception.

Grand i10 - Feature loaded, Great Looks, Spacious and Rear AC Vents a boon in Indian summer.

Swift - Drivers car, great suspenison, Maruti heritage, great vaule (entry, ownership and exit cost). New design will be like another feather in this cars lineage

Polo - Feels safe, long lasting engines drivers car. Maintenance and parts are questions marks. Resale price a question mark


Budget 5 Lakhs, February 17 2017.

VISITOR                                                      Hi          


VISITOR                                                      Hello Sir             


AGENT                                                        afternoon         


VISITOR                                                      Good afternoon             


VISITOR                                                      I want to buy below 5 lakhs new all features car plz suggest me              


AGENT                                                        do you have any models under consideration, it will help else we will end up with not so meaningful discussion                       


VISITOR                                                      s Tiago vs Kwid               


AGENT                                                        both are equally good 


AGENT                                                        but i will lean towards Tiago because of bigger engine


VISITOR                                                      i need ac, heater, power windows audi system and etc with great mileage under 4 lakhs           


AGENT                                                        more service stations  


AGENT                                                        you will have to check regarding audio system by creatinga comparison on our site      


VISITOR                                                      ok if in used cr i20 vs Swift vs WagonR 


VISITOR                                                      under 4 lakhs   


AGENT                                                        Swift and i20  go with whichever has lesser mileage     


AGENT                                                        plus check accidental history of any used car    


AGENT                                                        plus lower the age better it is  


VISITOR                                                      budget 4 lakhs which is best or new Kwid or used i20, Swift, WagonR  


AGENT                                                        i think i already answered         


VISITOR                                                      WagonR 1.0 vs WagonR stingray             


AGENT                                                        no major diff other than outer looks    


VISITOR                                                      budget 4 lakhs which is best or NEW Kwid or used i20, Swift, WagonR 


VISITOR                                                      Iam Asking New car or used i20, Swift, WagonR              


VISITOR                                                      Iam Asking New Kwid car or used i20, Swift, WagonR   


AGENT                                                        i don't prefer  used car


VISITOR                                                      Regarding sir   


AGENT                                                        but that's a personal choice      


VISITOR                                                      in Kwid best varient under 4L  


AGENT                                                        that's what I requested, you earlier in the chat               


AGENT                                                        create a comparison and study in detail              


VISITOR                                                      ok good