Suggest Best Petrol or Diesel Car in 8 lacs Budget

8 lacs budget for a first car is quite ambitious, you really must have waited long to get the best car for you. Hope you buy teh best car basis your need and enjoy it over the years.

Suggest me on my first car, budget 8 lac usage only on sundays upto 50 km only. may i go for diesel or petrol? if petrol then why?

Suggest Best Petrol or Diesel Car in 8 lacs Budget



Since you  are looking for a car upto Rs.8 lacs, lets make some assumptions for finding a solution of petrol Vs diesel first. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga ZXi (Petrol)

Price: Rs.7.30 lacs Delhi Ex-showroom (Will come in between 8.25 lacs lacs on road)

Mileage: ARAI - 16.2 Kmpl

Fuel Consumed Monthly : 12.5 Litres (200 Kms/16.02)

Monthly Fuel Cost : 12.5 * Rs.64/Litre = Rs.800/Month

Over 5 years = 800*5*12 = Rs. 48000

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga ZDi (Diesel) - As ZDi will be eqivalent to ZXi in terms of features

Price: Rs.8.44 lacs Delhi Ex-showroom (Will come in between 9.54 lacs lacs on road)

Mileage: ARAI - 20.77 Kmpl

Fuel Consumed Monthly : 9.63 Litres (200 Kms/20.77)

Monthly Fuel Cost : 9.63 * Rs.50/Litre = Rs.481.50/Month

Over 5 years = 481.5*5*12 = Rs. 28890

Saved Rs.19110 over 5 yeras. But paid Rs.1.29 Lacs extra for a diesel car. Petrol it has to be, unless your are looking for a Tata Car as in their car petrol and diesel variants are quite competitively priced.

Being you first car, avoid a sedan, could become difficult to manage, rather take a top end petrol premium hatchback, like i20 or Swift.

You can also look at Ertiga as that too is quite compact.

If interested in a sedan, look at sub 4000 mm cars like the Amaze which is a sedan from Honda, which unfortunately has huge waiting period and also not good internally.

We would recommend a premium hatchback or else the Ertiga. OR if you are not in a major hurry, Ford EcoSport is round the corner.

Do note that we at
www.ecardlr.com recommend exhaustive test drive of all the cars in your consideration set before you decide on one. Take our inputs as suggestion only as not a final decision.




Budget 8 Lakhs, February 2 2017.

VISITOR                                I intend to buy a new hatchback and am willing to spend Rs.8 Lakhs.  My usage will be nearly 500 Km per month.  Can you suggest a car   


AGENT                                  Good afternoon             


AGENT                                  Basis your consumption - it has to be petrol       


AGENT                                  hatchback or sedan       


VISITOR                                hatchback         


AGENT                                  Baleno, SCROSS 1,6, Elite i20, Polo, can be some of your choices              


VISITOR                                Yeah.  I shortlisted Baleno, Elite i20 and Honda Jazz        


VISITOR                                But due to long waiting period of Baleno I am forced to look for other choices  


AGENT                                  don't say forced too as other cars particularly Elite i20 if not more is equally competent car and decent choice                   


AGENT                                  for me Honda Jazz is an overpriced car for the features it offers               


VISITOR                                I understand mileage of i20 is very less


AGENT                                  http      //www.ecardlr.com/car-advice/comparisons/Baleno-vs-i20-which-is-better-between-these-two-cars.aspx


AGENT                                  I suggest go through this link    


VISITOR                                ok i will do that


AGENT                                  to get a a close approximate value for mileage - discount arai mileage by 30-35%             


AGENT                                  http      //www.ecardlr.com/car-advice/comparisons/car-comparison-between-Baleno-vs-Elite-i20-vs-Jazz-which-one-is-better.aspx


VISITOR                                okay. between Jazz and i20 which would be light on maintenance in the long run as i intend to have it with me for at least 10 years  


AGENT                                  go this for all cars comparison   


AGENT                                  in terms of maintenance Jazz will be comparatively more expensive than i20     


VISITOR                                then i think my choice should be Elite i 20           


AGENT                                  yes its a good option    


VISITOR                                what about long-term maintenance of polo      


AGENT                                  completely avoidable - most expensive to maintain and parts still a problem even today             


VISITOR                                okay polo - ruled out    


VISITOR                                you suggested s-cross.  Does this come in petrol and is it within my budget of Rs.8 lakhs (on-road)                                               


AGENT                                  you are right its only a diesel     


AGENT                                  apologies           


VISITOR                                Thank you.  your advice made me decide.  One last question if I am able to get Baleno, does it really worth                       


AGENT                                  Honestly speaking between Baleno and i20 is a case of toss-up for me 


AGENT                                  have you test driven the cars   


VISITOR                                Not yet               


AGENT                                  then do that before deciding on any car, just don't go by my word only


VISITOR                                ok.  thanks for your guidance   


AGENT                                  pleasure            


VISITOR                                bye      


AGENT                                  bye       

Budget 7 - 8 Lakhs, September 2 2016.

VISITOR                                                              HI good morning    


AGENT                                                                Morning     


VISITOR                                                              I’m from Chennai  


AGENT                                                                You have visited us here earlier also            


VISITOR                                                              yes               


VISITOR                                                              but               


VISITOR                                                              i didn’t get any answer       


VISITOR                                                              no reply from your side      


AGENT                                                                so how can we assist you today?    


AGENT                                                                this was regarding what I may ask  


VISITOR                                                              ok 


VISITOR                                                              please help me to buy a better car


AGENT                                                                you will have to define Budget and ideally models that you are considering            


VISITOR                                                              ok 


VISITOR                                                              price             7lak, 500km per month, engine


AGENT                                                                Hatchbacks would be a good option as you would get minimum mid variant of these models with decent features                                  


VISITOR                                                              sometimes long trips(1700km up and down)            


VISITOR                                                              between 7 to 8 lak


AGENT                                                                All cars are designed to last long and in your case since you drive is going to be just 500 kms/month means over 10 years you would drive around 60000 Kms, all cars will last for that much period provided you ensure that they are maintained as per defined service schedule         


AGENT                                                                I am assuming that your highway drive would probably be once a year, however for that you would need a car which has airbags abs min            


VISITOR                                                              yes               


AGENT                                                                Plus a car that has good pick-up, which most hatchbacks in your price band would deliver close to each other                                      


VISITOR                                                              ok 


AGENT                                                                however, since most of your travel is going to be city travel only - you need a car that is easy to manoeuvre                                                


AGENT                                                                this means an electric power steering         


VISITOR                                                              k    


AGENT                                                                My choices would be Baleno, i20, Maybe Polo         


VISITOR                                                              what about Jazz      


AGENT                                                                I am saying maybe Polo because its a good car for highway, however, it’s a very low slung car                                                                             


VISITOR                                                              slung means            


AGENT                                                                Jazz is overpriced, smaller engine in a heavier car, less feature therefore low on value      


AGENT                                                                closer to the ground             


AGENT                                                                therefore getting in an out is difficult          


VISITOR                                                              ok 


AGENT                                                                Polo also has parts and service costing issue            


VISITOR                                                              slung means            


AGENT                                                                low slung means closer to the ground - low ground clearance          


VISITOR                                                              colleague are saying to go for Polo highline or if i can spend more means go with. Polo gt tsi...                                                                             


VISITOR                                                              any help from your side     


AGENT                                                                you are aware that Polo GT TSi is an automatic , which only someone told me yesterday that it has some issue with its DSG gearbox, check with friends who are suggesting you the car  


VISITOR                                                              i taught that automatic is free to drive.       


AGENT                                                                If you are looking at automatics then Jazz becomes a good option thanks to its very good CVT transmission                                                   


AGENT                                                                What I meant was that DSG had some problems which the company had top recall               


AGENT                                                                yes automatics means no hassle of gear changes   


VISITOR                                                              but it is too cost too             


AGENT                                                                I said that earlier - low value that’s Jazz's problem, but with Automatics, its becomes a good choice                                                                


VISITOR                                                              ok 


VISITOR                                                              is Polo high line(petrol) build quality is good           


AGENT                                                                yes               


VISITOR                                                              compare to Jazz cvt with Polo 1.2 high line .. Which will fulfil my requirements      


VISITOR                                                              i all aspect


VISITOR                                                              in budget  


VISITOR                                                              and need   


AGENT                                                                How tall are you and I am talking to a lady as the name indicates   


VISITOR                                                              5.5 


VISITOR                                                              yes               


AGENT                                                                Ok the Polo no problem, go for it from being a safe car, but you are comparing an auto with manual transmission                                  


AGENT                                                                I suggest look at auto for both, but then do check from other friends about DSG problem  


VISITOR                                                              ok 


VISITOR                                                              i will            


VISITOR                                                              DSG in Polo am i right          


AGENT                                                                correct        


VISITOR                                                              with ur knowledge which is good car Polo gt tsi or Polo highline    


VISITOR                                                              in one i like automatic , in another one i like price,               


AGENT                                                                Budget permitting, GT TSI - do you like to drive      


AGENT                                                                plus GT TSI if the DSG issue has been taken care by the company   


VISITOR                                                              k    


VISITOR                                                              y it is too high         


VISITOR                                                              it look same as normal Polo              


VISITOR                                                              high means price   


AGENT                                                                you are taking about gt tsi 


VISITOR                                                              yes               


AGENT                                                                its high because it has a monster of engine under the hood with dsg vs manual in highline'                                                                             


VISITOR                                                              ok 


VISITOR                                                              i noticed in comparison, Polo high line have 3 cylinder, even grand i10 have 4 cylinder.do Polo high line perform well even it have 3 cylinder.      


AGENT                                                                We are getting technical, avoid, and suffice to say that I am sure companies have their own reasons for doing so.                                  


VISITOR                                                              ok 


VISITOR                                                              thank you  for giving me a idea on best cars around 7 to 8 lak           


VISITOR                                                              i will try Polo           


AGENT                                                                pleasure, happy driving      


VISITOR                                                              thank you very much           


AGENT                                                                pleasure    


VISITOR                                                              bye               

Budget 8 lakhs, July 31 2016.

VISITOR                                                                Hi


AGENT                                                                  good Afternoon


VISITOR                                                                Good afternoon


VISITOR                                                                Will you suggest me  a car in range 8 lakh


AGENT                                                                  sedan or hatchback back


VISITOR                                                                Both


AGENT                                                                  there will be too many options


VISITOR                                                                Baleno, swift, swift Dzire, I 20 Ford figo,Tata Tiago


                                                                                 Diesel car I am looking


AGENT                                                                  in terms of diesel Figo would be best but in other areas it's not worth it


AGENT                                                                  Baleno and i20 Would b my choices


VISITOR                                                                What about swift Dzire


AGENT                                                                  too bad diesel, old design


VISITOR                                                                Ok Baleno


VISITOR                                                                Why better


VISITOR                                                                Why you suggest me


AGENT                                                                  Baleno good design, better engine, spacious


VISITOR                                                                Regarding maintenance


AGENT                                                                  not bad


VISITOR                                                                Is it costly as compare to other car


AGENT                                                                  I don't expect


VISITOR                                                                Ok your suggestion is Baleno


AGENT                                                                  I will be happy with it


VISITOR                                                                Ok what about I 20


AGENT                                                                  great features, great look, very popular


VISITOR                                                                Maintenance


VISITOR                                                                Compare to Baleno


VISITOR                                                                Spare part is costly


AGENT                                                                  Would be almost equal


VISITOR                                                                Thanks


Budget 8 lakhs, July 22 2016.

VISITOR                                                              Hello           


AGENT                                                                Good Afternoon     


VISITOR                                                              Good Afternoon     


VISITOR                                                              are you an automobile expert          


AGENT                                                                I would rather not call myself an expert     


VISITOR                                                              I want to buy a new car and am confused looking for good advice  


AGENT                                                                We would need some starting point either budget or cars that you have in mind   


AGENT                                                                and it would be really good if you could narrow down your requirements from your new car                                                                             


VISITOR                                                              Budget around 8 lacs            


VISITOR                                                              I zeroed down to either Ford Figo Aspire or Maruti Vitara Brezza    


VISITOR                                                              Diesel version         


AGENT                                                                If one was to go by popularity and hopefully better resale tomorrow - Then Brezza              


AGENT                                                                Plus Brezza should also cost you less in terms of maintenance over Aspire


AGENT                                                                However, if you want a great car to drive, then Aspire         


AGENT                                                                Its diesel is near noiseless and has also very small diesel lag            


VISITOR                                                              I have taken test drive of both I find Aspire engine to be more responsive but resale value and maintenance cost are also a factor       


AGENT                                                                That's what I meant, one needs to define his/her need from a car and then decide               


AGENT                                                                For me Brezza is no fun to drive and in single colour exterior paint it is no better than Ertiga                                                                             


AGENT                                                                I also believe, if one was to go by Ford Service campaign, the maybe Aspire should not damage your pocket too much               


VISITOR                                                              But say after 60 to 70 thousand Kms if there is some engine problem then will Aspire will not put a hole in my pocket                             


AGENT                                                                The best way to take a call on this is to take a look at Scheduled service cost for both cars  and compare, unfortunately even with me one is going by heresay      


AGENT                                                                as far as 60-70 K engine issue, any car which has engine job the damage is going to be heavy                                                                             


AGENT                                                                Plus cars these days are designed to go on and on 


AGENT                                                                Someone known in the family had old Fiesta and he never complained about Engine prob even after 80 k                                               


VISITOR                                                              I asked mechanics and they advise to go for Maruti as Ford will have problems later on      


AGENT                                                                What kind fo Problems       


AGENT                                                                I am driving Ecosport for last 2 years - I have hardly spent any money on it


VISITOR                                                              Engine problems or suspension      


VISITOR                                                              In 2 years nothing happens to any new car


AGENT                                                                I would negate engine problems as I have shared 80 K history with you above, they also never complained any suspension issue with the car, and I too have driven that car quite extensively    


AGENT                                                                So to summarise, If Maintenance and resale are critical factor then yes Brezza eyes closed                                                                             


VISITOR                                                              Yes they are a factor             


VISITOR                                                              I have been driving Tata Vista Quadrajet since 2009 and there is absolutely no problem in its engine but its maintenance cost is high as compared to Swift         


AGENT                                                                You are absolutely right, Tata kills on maintenance, I had a Manza Quadrajet  too, another family member had a Nano both of us gave up the cars due to maintenance           


VISITOR                                                              I am getting say one third of resale value at what swift is selling    


AGENT                                                                Tata cars do have resale issues        


VISITOR                                                              But I have kept it very well still I am getting very less resale value although dealers acknowledge that the car is well maintained          


AGENT                                                                I think we both agree on Tata cars , very unfortunate for the brand but true             


VISITOR                                                              Now what is your advice keeping in mind maintenance cost and resale value          


AGENT                                                                On maintenance I will do toss-up as I believe Ford should not be very high              


VISITOR                                                              Apart from Brezza is there any other car which I can go for


AGENT                                                                On resale any day a Maruti Car        


AGENT                                                                We will open up completely new chapter and for that I would request and suggest that you test drive your new options and maybe then we can talk again      


VISITOR                                                              Ok then thanks a lot for your advice,            


AGENT                                                                May I ask you to please rate this chat           


VISITOR                                                              Sure very good       


AGENT                                                                Sorry but I will have to request you to choose either like or dislike button, on right hand bottom side                                                    


AGENT                                                                apologies for the inconvenience    


AGENT                                                                See you later then


AGENT                                                                Thanks        


VISITOR                                                              Thanks a lot              


AGENT                                                                Pleasure